Cindy Woods

Strategic Advisor

Cindy Woods is an esteemed strategic advisor to Dispatch Dog, bringing to the table an impressive track record of more than three decades in the warehouse and logistics industry. As the current Vice President of Business Operations at United Warehouse, one of the leading warehouse organizations, Cindy has consistently showcased her prowess in customer service, operational excellence, and business management.

Cindy began her journey at United Warehouses in 2000, stepping into the role of Manager of Customer Service. Her leadership and dedicated commitment to customer satisfaction saw her ascend the ranks, eventually culminating in her appointment as the Vice President of Business Operations in 2018.

Her expansive knowledge and sharp insight have been instrumental in shaping our strategies at Dispatch Dog. Cindy's involvement as an advisor has given us a profound understanding of warehouse logistics and operational efficiency, enabling us to craft solutions that accurately address the unique needs of small and medium-sized logistics businesses. Her experience and perspectives make her an invaluable asset to the Dispatch Dog team.