Meet the people who make it all happen

Winston Yi


Winston is a highly motivated and dynamic professional with extensive experience in operational and corporate management across the IT and consumer goods industries. Skilled in a diverse range of roles including business development, project management, strategic consulting, and general management, Winston has consistently demonstrated his ability to lead teams in overcoming challenges, navigating change, and achieving higher performance standards.

Winston's passion for excellence and strong leadership qualities have earned him a reputation as a proactive, energetic, and results-driven individual. His keen understanding of both the technical and business aspects of his roles has allowed him to create lasting and impactful contributions in every position he has held.

Outside of his professional life, Winston is an avid music enthusiast and a passionate tennis player. With a remarkable collection of tens of thousands of CDs and vinyl records, he possesses an extensive knowledge of classical music and jazz. This passion for music not only serves as a means of relaxation for Winston but also fosters creativity, which he successfully translates into his professional endeavors.

In summary, Winston's impressive background in IT and consumer goods management, along with his dedication to continuous improvement and personal growth, make him a valuable asset in any team setting. His diverse skill set, combined with his love for music and tennis, highlights his unique and well-rounded personality, setting him apart as an outstanding leader and team player in any organization.

Chengrui Li


Li, Chengrui is the innovative and talented Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Dispatch Dog, a software company focused on providing services to small and medium-sized logistics companies. With an unconventional background in medicine, Chengrui's unique blend of expertise has allowed him to excel in the technology field and make a significant impact on the software industry.

Chengrui began his professional journey in the medical field, where he was exposed to the world of databases and medical systems. This experience sparked his passion for technology and coding, ultimately leading him to transition from medicine to the technology sector.

As the CTO of Dispatch Dog, Chengrui is responsible for developing the core software and leading the development team. His medical background has provided him with a strong foundation in understanding complex systems, allowing him to create a software solution that caters to the diverse needs of logistics companies.

One of the core strengths of Chengrui's software is its ability to work seamlessly with various types of inputs. This adaptability ensures that the platform can accommodate the evolving needs of clients and easily integrate with their existing systems.

Chengrui's unconventional career path has proven to be an asset to Dispatch Dog and its clients. His expertise in both medicine and technology has given him a unique perspective on problem-solving and system design, resulting in innovative and tailored software solutions. Under his leadership, Dispatch Dog continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the logistics software space, empowering businesses to streamline their operations and achieve greater success.

Jie Dang


Dang, Jie is an accomplished financial professional who currently serves as the Chief Financial Officer at Dispatch Dog, a start-up SaaS company specializing in providing solutions for small and medium-sized logistics companies. With a strong background in real financial market trading, data management science software, and financial modeling, Dang, Jie has a proven track record of effectively managing finances in a fast-paced, dynamic business environment.

In addition to his impressive expertise in financial markets, Dang, Jie has honed their skills in various data management software programs, including Management Scientists, Lindo, GAMS, and SimPlex. These skills, coupled with their advanced proficiency in MS Office and SAP, enable Dang, Jie to make data-driven decisions that enhance the financial stability and growth of the companies he serves.

Dang, Jie is also adept at cost managerial accounting, AR & AP, financial capital budgeting, and revenue and cost variance analysis, which contributes to their ability to manage complex financial operations. His excellent project management experiences and strong interpersonal communication skills, both in English and Chinese, further add to his profile.

As a dedicated and diligent professional, Dang, Jie has received numerous accolades, including membership in the Dean's Honour Roll at York University, membership in the Institute for Supply Management, and membership in the Golden Key International Honor Society. His commitment to continued learning and professional development is evident in the various certificates he has earned, such as the Microsoft software workshops and the ExpecTAtions Teaching Assistant Workshop at the University of Waterloo.

Overall, Dang, Jie's exceptional financial acumen, strategic thinking, and commitment to excellence make them a valuable asset to any organization. His well-rounded skillset, combined with their passion for innovation and growth, positions them as a leader in the finance field and an essential component of the Dispatch Dog team.

Jane Deng

Operations Manager

Jane is a dedicated and experienced operations manager and the co-founder of Dispatch Dog, a software company specializing in providing services to small and medium-sized logistics companies. With a background in insurance, Jane's professional journey has been defined by her adaptability and her commitment to helping businesses streamline their operations.

In 2003, Jane moved to Brazil, where she began working in the logistics industry. During her time in South America, she gained invaluable experience working with various logistics companies, honing her skills in understanding the complexities and challenges faced by these businesses.

When Jane relocated to Canada to support her sons' education, she identified an opportunity to apply the lessons she had learned in South America to the Canadian market. This led her to co-found Dispatch Dog, with the mission to provide innovative and tailored software solutions to logistics companies in need of optimization.

As the Operations Manager at Dispatch Dog, Jane's main role involves working closely with clients to comprehend their unique needs and ensure a seamless onboarding process onto the Dispatch Dog software platform. Her passion for helping businesses grow and her extensive knowledge of the logistics industry make her an invaluable asset to both the company and its clients.

Jane's unwavering dedication to her work, combined with her diverse background and expertise, has positioned her as a thought leader in the logistics software space. Through her leadership at Dispatch Dog, she continues to make a significant impact on the success and growth of small and medium-sized logistics companies in Canada and beyond.

Wendy Wei

Project Manager

Wendy Wei is a highly skilled and experienced professional with a diverse background in security and event management. As the co-founder and project manager of Dispatch Dog, she plays a pivotal role in the company's success, focusing on coordinating and running internal projects and teams, as well as assisting with client onboarding.

Wendy's journey began at Xingyang Normal University, where she earned a Bachelor's Degree in Broadcasting and Hosting Art. Her professional career took off at Henan Weidun Security Service Firm, where she held various positions, including Manager and General Manager of the Operations Division. During her tenure, Wendy gained valuable experience in strategic planning, security policy development, and process improvement.

Wendy's ability to prioritize projects and deliverables, coupled with her excellent communication and organizational skills, enabled her to excel in her roles, ensuring the safety and security of guests, team members, and facilities. Her expertise in security system technologies, risk management, and customer service has also contributed to her success in the industry.

At Dispatch Dog, Wendy brings her strong project management skills and ability to multitask to help the company grow and excel. As project manager, she ensures that all internal projects run smoothly and efficiently, while also providing exceptional support to clients during the onboarding process.

With a proven track record in managing teams, creating strategic plans, and ensuring compliance, Wendy's unique skill set and commitment to customer service make her an invaluable member of the Dispatch Dog team. Her dedication to her work and focus on delivering outstanding results have established her as a key figure in the company's success.

Olivia James

Social Media Manager

Olivia is the Social Media Manager for Dispatch Dog, an innovative start-up company that provides software solutions to small to mid sized trucking companies. With over 5 years of experience managing a variety of social media platforms and campaigns, Olivia brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in connecting customers with brands online. She has utilized her background to create engaging content which has helped many businesses increase their reach and visibility on various digital channels. Through her dedication and passion for technology, Olivia is committed to helping empower customers by providing them with effective tools so they can better manage their social media presence.

Strategic Advisors

Tony Chiappetta

Strategic Advisor

Tony Chiappetta is a dynamic strategic advisor to Dispatch Dog and a passionate advocate for building robust international partnerships. Tony, a Purdue University alumnus, brings to the table years of experience in sales, international relations, and business leadership, making him a crucial part of our advisory team.

Joining Argents in 2006, Tony soon emerged as a leader and strategist. His innovative thinking and dedication to the growth of the company saw him become a co-owner and the Vice President of Sales. His role in overseeing the company's direction and fostering international relationships has significantly influenced Argents' global footprint.

At Dispatch Dog, Tony’s extensive experience and unique skill set have helped shape our sales strategy and global partnerships, contributing significantly to our growth and success. His knack for building meaningful and beneficial international relations aligns seamlessly with Dispatch Dog’s mission to support logistics companies both in Canada and across the globe. Tony’s commitment to innovation and excellence make him an invaluable addition to our team

Cindy Woods

Strategic Advisor

Cindy Woods is an esteemed strategic advisor to Dispatch Dog, bringing to the table an impressive track record of more than three decades in the warehouse and logistics industry. As the current Vice President of Business Operations at United Warehouse, one of the leading warehouse organizations, Cindy has consistently showcased her prowess in customer service, operational excellence, and business management.

Cindy began her journey at United Warehouses in 2000, stepping into the role of Manager of Customer Service. Her leadership and dedicated commitment to customer satisfaction saw her ascend the ranks, eventually culminating in her appointment as the Vice President of Business Operations in 2018.

Her expansive knowledge and sharp insight have been instrumental in shaping our strategies at Dispatch Dog. Cindy's involvement as an advisor has given us a profound understanding of warehouse logistics and operational efficiency, enabling us to craft solutions that accurately address the unique needs of small and medium-sized logistics businesses. Her experience and perspectives make her an invaluable asset to the Dispatch Dog team.