Jie Dang


Dang, Jie is an accomplished financial professional who currently serves as the Chief Financial Officer at Dispatch Dog, a start-up SaaS company specializing in providing solutions for small and medium-sized logistics companies. With a strong background in real financial market trading, data management science software, and financial modeling, Dang, Jie has a proven track record of effectively managing finances in a fast-paced, dynamic business environment.

In addition to his impressive expertise in financial markets, Dang, Jie has honed their skills in various data management software programs, including Management Scientists, Lindo, GAMS, and SimPlex. These skills, coupled with their advanced proficiency in MS Office and SAP, enable Dang, Jie to make data-driven decisions that enhance the financial stability and growth of the companies he serves.

Dang, Jie is also adept at cost managerial accounting, AR & AP, financial capital budgeting, and revenue and cost variance analysis, which contributes to their ability to manage complex financial operations. His excellent project management experiences and strong interpersonal communication skills, both in English and Chinese, further add to his profile.

As a dedicated and diligent professional, Dang, Jie has received numerous accolades, including membership in the Dean's Honour Roll at York University, membership in the Institute for Supply Management, and membership in the Golden Key International Honor Society. His commitment to continued learning and professional development is evident in the various certificates he has earned, such as the Microsoft software workshops and the ExpecTAtions Teaching Assistant Workshop at the University of Waterloo.

Overall, Dang, Jie's exceptional financial acumen, strategic thinking, and commitment to excellence make them a valuable asset to any organization. His well-rounded skillset, combined with their passion for innovation and growth, positions them as a leader in the finance field and an essential component of the Dispatch Dog team.