Tony Chiappetta

Strategic Advisor

Tony Chiappetta is a dynamic strategic advisor to Dispatch Dog and a passionate advocate for building robust international partnerships. Tony, a Purdue University alumnus, brings to the table years of experience in sales, international relations, and business leadership, making him a crucial part of our advisory team.

Joining Argents in 2006, Tony soon emerged as a leader and strategist. His innovative thinking and dedication to the growth of the company saw him become a co-owner and the Vice President of Sales. His role in overseeing the company's direction and fostering international relationships has significantly influenced Argents' global footprint.

At Dispatch Dog, Tony’s extensive experience and unique skill set have helped shape our sales strategy and global partnerships, contributing significantly to our growth and success. His knack for building meaningful and beneficial international relations aligns seamlessly with Dispatch Dog’s mission to support logistics companies both in Canada and across the globe. Tony’s commitment to innovation and excellence make him an invaluable addition to our team